Get ready to witness the ultimate showcase of innovation, skill, and competition as teams from around the globe converge for the most prestigious robotics event of the year. TechnoXian World Cup 2024 is where brilliance meets creativity, and the future of robotics is on display.

In this thrilling championship, teams will battle it out to secure the highest number of medals in various categories. From autonomous drones to humanoid robots, from industrial automation to cutting-edge AI, every aspect of robotics will be put to the test. The team that emerges with the most medals will be crowned the undisputed winner of TechnoXian World Cup 2024.


"Technologies for a Better World" is the official motto of the TechnoXian World Robotics Championship 2024.
The motto represents the power of the Technologies to overcome global challenges as a community, to improve life of humankind. The words reflect the necessity for the world to work together towards developing and using advance technologies for a better world, specially given the difficulties faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as well as learn from the mass disctruction and global recession happened due to Ukrain-Rissia War.

With teams representing different nations, cultures, and backgrounds, TechnoXian World Cup 2024 celebrates the spirit of global collaboration and friendly competition. In keeping with TechnoXian’s principles of a “streamlined, safe and splendid” Robotics Games, the shape of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals is simple and classic.

The TechnoXian shield is engraved in the centre of the front of the medals and words "8.0 World Robotics Championship 2024" are engraved around it, surrounded by rain and cloud patterns. On the back, the emblem of competition category is placed in the centre with position of winner engraved around it.