International Robotics Council (IRC), the only statutory body to manage and control TechnoXian robotics championships, was established in 2019. Headquartered in India, IRC is working with various global partners . It is the administrative body responsible for promotion of TechnoXian Robotics Championships in the more than 3500 TX RoboClubs which exists across the 55+ countries.

It's full-time CEO and the Chairman is Mr. Raj Sharma. It's Chairman is elected on a 3-year term and is a position currently held by Mr. Raj Sharma as an additional position till the time council elections happen.

As well as being responsible for more than 110 full-time training and robotics competitions development officers working across, IRC is also involved in an advisory role and provides services in the area of RoboClub Training, games development, finance, governance, infrastructural development, communications and marketing.

IRC appoint National TechnoXian Committees (NTC) in various countries to act on behalf of IRC in their respective countries and report into its Management & Finance Committee for the term January 2020 – January 2023. Such NTC would be responsible for:

  • Referee & Championship Officials Appointment
  • Public Relations & Marketing
  • Culture & Community
  • Management & Finance
  • Championship Control
  • Referee Deveopment
  • Games Development
  • Planning and Technology Development